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Metering Solutions

Pacific Meter and Equipment is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the metering needs of utilities throughout the Northwest region. We specialize in the sales and installation of electronic metering devices and also distribute parts and supply items for the industry. We offer quality products from MID-COM, Liquid Controls, Veeder-Root, Neptune/Actaris, Hannay, Scully & Blackmer.

• Increase driver efficiency
• Reduce meter maintenance 50%
• Eliminate driver pricing errors
• Eliminate handwritten ticket

Fleet Navigator products work with delivery trucks' electronic registers and offer a range of options from basic data collection to a feature-rich solution. In addition to tracking the fuel delivered the system can be configured to collect data such as mileage at the time of fueling. While making the delivery the driver can review the list of vehicles fueled from the handheld.

• Barcode based unit ID
• Data Collection
• Cradle or wireless data transfer
• Optional driver logon with PIN
• ComLink emulation
• Maintain customer truck list in the field
• Reprint truck breakdown sheet in the field