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About Pacific Meter Equipment Inc.

We specialize in the sales and service of petroleum and propane delivery units and electronic metering devices in the Pacific Northwest. We also distribute parts and supply items for the industry from MID-COM, Liquid Controls, Veeder-Root, Neptune/Actaris, Hannay, Scully, Blackmer and others.

We're a DOT Registered Shop, dedicated to getting you back in business FAST. Field service is readily available. For in-house service: drive into our two-bay facility or ship your items to our office.

Wayne Duran Service Manager

Wayne joined Pacific Meter and Equipment in February 2003 and has been in the propane and petroleum industry for 18 plus years. He's been involved in all levels of the industry, from maintenance, repairs, switchovers and new units to ordering parts and managing a service department and enjoys providing our customers with an exceptional level of service.