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Pacific Meter and Equipment provides experienced, factory trained service to the propane and petroleum industry for the Pacific Northwest. In-house and field service are available. We are state certified to repair and calibrate, and all equipment is state certified too. Pacific Meter and Equipment's parts and services are always guaranteed for your satisfaction.

DOT Registered Shop #CT10013

We provide full in-house services at our 2-bay facility located on 1.5 acres in Kent, Washington. You can also ship your units to us or we can come to you locally. We are experts in the installation, repair and rebuilding of electronic registers. We also refurbish mechanical propane and petroleum units to look like new: disassemble, clean, repair and replace as needed, sandblast and repaint the outer housing, reassemble and adjust, test, calibrate and re-seal with certification. When it's finally time to upgrade and replace, we offer new electronic metering and wet-hosing solutions from Mid-Com, Veeder-Root and Liquid Controls.


Custom Built Dispenser Cabinets

We design, build and equip dispenser cabinets to fit your particular needs. Cabinet's features:

• Hose contained inside or out
• Fully lockable for Security
• Paintable
• Deluxe galvanized cabinet
• Breakaway hose fittings
• Explosion proof switch

Delivery Unit Tank Switchovers

Do you have a tank on a chassis with a lot of miles and hours on it? We can remove the tank from your existing chassis, install it on a new chassis and upgrade any components that need updating. Switchover solutions can minimize downtime and improve fleet efficiency. Switchover service can include:

• Mounting
• Painting
• Pumps
• Power Take-Offs
• Rebuilding of major components
• Hydros
• Visual inspection by an expert mechanic
• Meters
• Calibrating